Thur 11 October 2018
BlockRules Ltd. and Neuseren S.A. bring regulation compliant securities offerings to the blockchain
Innovative blockchain platform supports the sale, issuance, and trading of regulated securities

Geneva and London—Geneva-based financial services firm Neuseren S.A announced today that it has entered into an agreement with BlockRules Ltd., the blockchain development subsidiary of Verseon. Neuseren S.A. will use BlockRules’ innovative technology and services to enable international companies to issue regulated tokenized securities on public blockchains.

Neuseren S.A. was established to fill the growing demand for tokenized security offerings for companies seeking to expand their investor base in a manner that satisfies regulatory requirements.

“The security and transparency of blockchain ledgers make them the ideal vehicle for financial securities,” said Patrick Dumont, CEO of Neuseren. “One of the main barriers has been the lack of a framework to ensure regulatory compliance. BlockRules’ technology provides that framework.”

BlockRules’ technology provides access to a new and growing global community of blockchain investors worldwide. Members of this community have a significant interest in utilizing a blockchain solution for securities trading, where built-in regulatory support is essential.

“Our blockchain technology brings companies and investors together in a way that can significantly improve the efficiency of capital markets,” said Eniko Fodor, COO of Verseon and Director of BlockRules. “We believe our approach to supporting transactions of tokenized securities will create a new standard of trust and security for investors.”

About Neuseren S.A.

Neuseren S.A. is a financial advisory company aiming to bring the latest blockchain innovations to corporate fund-raising. In line with best practices recognized by major regulatory authorities, the company intends to promote services and investor incentives for the sale and issuance of regulated tokenized securities on public blockchains.

About BlockRules Ltd.

BlockRules Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Verseon Corporation, is a blockchain technology company supporting the sale, launch, and trading of securities. By enforcing multijurisdictional regulatory compliance directly on the blockchain, the company facilitates issuance and decentralized trading that is secure, transparent and verifiable.


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