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Our team is building the first comprehensive, regulatory-compliant security token platform.


David Williams, PhD
Chief Technologist
David is experienced in running successful computational physics and chemistry programs. Currently, he is also the Senior Director of Platform Development at Verseon. Before joining Verseon and BlockRules, he led large research teams in high-energy physics simulations at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. David is an inventor on 7 patents and holds a PhD from MIT.
Luigi Caramico
VP of Information Security
Luigi is experienced in cyber-security, government security software, and big data. Before joining BlockRules, he built one of the world’s first large-scale data retention and analytics systems for law enforcement and was VP of Kranem and co-founder of Systeam SpA. Luigi holds a BS from the University of Rome.
Ki C. Wong
Director of Software Infrastructure
KC is experienced in software engineering and system architecture. Before joining Verseon and BlockRules, he worked on critical projects from database infrastructure to global system migration and spearheaded early adoption of container technologies at PayPal. KC is an inventor on 2 patents and holds a MA from UC Santa Barbara.
Mateusz Pospieszny
Software Solutions Architect
Mateusz is experienced in building enterprise, cloud, and big data analytics systems. Before joining BlockRules, he applied his expertise in industries ranging from banking to telecommunications and ad tech at LiveIntent, ShoreTel, and Epana. Mateusz holds a MA from Stevens Institute of Technology.


Adityo Prakash
Executive Chairman
Eniko Fodor
Executive Director
David Kita, PhD
Executive Director

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