How it works

Blockchain technology is transforming the financial industry by connecting innovative companies with a worldwide community of investors. BlockRules is supporting this growing financial ecosystem by bringing the regulatory compliance mandated by governments around the globe to securities issued on the blockchain.

We believe in using blockchain technology to its fullest potential. That’s why we are building a solution to support token issuers and investors through sale, issuance, and trading of security tokens, with regulatory compliance enforced on the blockchain.

Our technology removes the major barriers holding back blockchain adoption in capital markets worldwide.

BlockRules diagram

BlockRules at a glance

  • Provides the technology to successfully launch security tokens
  • Our Compliance Engine enforces compliance rules as instructed by token issuing companies (working with legal counsel)
  • We act as transfer agent and registrar for security tokens
  • Companies can issue their tokens to the global community of investors
  • Tokens issued through BlockRules can be traded peer-to-peer and on decentralized exchanges

BlockRules Compliance Engine

Our proprietary Compliance Engine supports multijurisdictional regulatory compliance transparently on the blockchain.