At BlockRules, we believe that everyone around the world should be able to invest in new and growing companies and share in their successes. To make this a reality, we develop blockchain technology to connect a global investor community with innovators offering securities recorded on the blockchain, providing an enhanced user experience. We are combining on-chain regulatory compliance with our easy-to-use interface for buying, trading, and managing security tokens—bringing innovative investments to everyone.

Senior Distributed Server Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced and talented Senior Distributed Server Software Engineer who shares our interest in revolutionizing the financial industry with blockchain technology.

A qualified candidate will have strong distributed server-side software development experience to design and deploy worldwide financial services and blockchain support. Services include blockchain node provisioning, distributed data storage, web portals, and payment gateways (crypto and fiat).


  • Master’s or PhD in CS, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience
  • Strong computational software development background
  • Expertise making architectural and design decisions for efficient micro service distributed architectures
  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience Skilled at writing scalable, robust, testable, efficient, and easily maintainable code
  • Ability to translate software requirements into stable, working, high performance software
  • Proficiency building server-side frameworks (such as NodeJS), and NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB)
  • Demonstrates active pursuit of optimizing CI/CD process and tools, testing frameworks and practices (preferably GitHub, Jenkins/Bamboo, Mocha/Karma, etc.)
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills with a track record of taking solution ownership


  • Strong knowledge of Go programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms
  • Experience working on Blockchain concepts and client libraries, such as go-Ethereum
  • Knowledge of common Goroutine and channel patterns
  • Experience with the full site of Go frameworks and tools, including:
    • Router packages, such as Gorilla/Mux
    • Go http package
    • Using databases in Go
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools