Welcome to BlockRules
Thu 21 February 2019
Sarah Banducci

Welcome to our new website and blog. At BlockRules, we are bringing blockchain technology to the investment community.

Our goal is to connect innovative companies with the growing community of blockchain investors worldwide.

By design, security tokens aren’t confined to geographic borders, but they’re still subject to each country’s unique laws and regulations. Ensuring this regulatory compliance is a hard problem and has been the main barrier to widespread adoption of security tokens in traditional investment communities.

BlockRules technology brings regulatory compliance to the blockchain. We have built an on- chain engine that can ensure compliance with complex regulations from multiple countries. In addition, we have built a range of features that give users a simple, convenient way to interact directly with the blockchain, without exposing them to any of the off-chain security risks we see in similar platforms available today.

In this blog, we’ll discuss our blockchain technology and introduce the team of engineers behind it. Our goal is to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional investment communities.

In some upcoming posts, David Williams, our Chief Technologist, and Pramod Madabhushi, our VP of Engineering, will demystify the technology behind BlockRules. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll also call on other members of our team to answer some common questions about STOs and blockchain technology so that you walk away with a clear picture of the possibilities BlockRules unlocks.

Stay tuned!